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Views of Calcutta, Part 3

Image 11

View of Chowringee Road, Calcutta, 1787

Date: 1787

This is a view of the new buildings on Chowringee in Calcutta. Chowringee Road (now Jawaharlal Nehru Road) runs along the east side of the Maidan, a large open area of land in the centre of Calcutta. In the late eighteenth century, Chowringee became the main European residential area of Calcutta and was characterised by Palladian houses that were set in spacious grounds. (BH/TD/7)

Image 12

View of Govindram Mitter's Black Pagoda on Chitpore Road, Calcutta, 1787

Date: 1787

This is the view of a Hindu Pagoda and House.  The Black Pagoda was built on the Chitpore Road in 1731 by Govindram Mitter (1720-56), a wealthy Hindu landlord. The building was never properly completed and decayed so much over time that the main tower with five domes collapsed around 1813. Chitpore Road is situated on the northern outskirts of Calcutta. (BH/TD/4)

Image 13

View of River Hooghly and Hindu buildings, Calcutta, 1788

Date: 1788

This is a view of the River Hooghly and Hindu buildings in Calcutta. The small sailing ship in the centre of the image is a 'pinnace-budgerow'. These vessels had a long cabin running the length of the boat from the foremast to the stern, which could be divided into separate sections with the aid of partitions. To the left is a pleasure boat of the type owned by wealthy gentlemen, which were propelled along by twenty to forty rowers and decorated at the prow with animal heads; this one sports a horse's head. In the foreground on the right are two native bazras, small passenger vessels with roofed cabins used mostly for travelling along India's rivers. The houses and warehouses of the many wealthy Hindu merchants in the city may be seen here lining the banks of the Hooghly. (BH/TD/8)

Image 14

View of St John's Church, Calcutta, 1788

Date: 1788

This is a view of St John's Church in Calcutta. St John's church was completed in 1787. The design by Lieutenant James Agg of the Bengal Engineers was based on James Gibb's St Martin-in-the-Fields in London. Several distinguished people were buried in the churchyard seen on the left. They include Job Charnock, who died in 1692. St John's Church was altered in 1797 and in 1811. (BH/TD/12)

Image 15

View of Old Court House Street, Calcutta, 1788

Date: 1788

This is a view of the Old Court House Street at Calcutta. This view looks to the south from half-way down the street and shows a number of the fine mansions situated on both sides. This street ran between the south east corner of Tank Square, later renamed Dalhousie Square and now BBD Bagh, and the Esplanade. (BH/TD/9)

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