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Views of Calcutta, Part 2

Image 6

View of Clive Street, old Fort William and Hollwell's Monument, Calcutta, 1786

Date: 1786

This view looks along Clive Street. The eastern wall of old Fort William can be seen on the left. Hollwell's Monument is on the right. It was erected to the memory of the survivors of the 'Black Hole' in 1756, but removed from this site later. The Theatre was built by public subscription in 1775. (BH/TD/1)

Note: A part of the Writers Building is visible on the right side behind the Hollwell's Monument.

Image 7

View of Tank Square and Swedish Mission Church, Calcutta, 1786

Date: 1786

This view shows the east side of Tank Square. Tank Square, later Dalhousie Square and now BBD Bagh, lies at the centre of the area once covered by the original Fort William. A large tank in the centre of the square was constructed in 1712 in order to provide water storage for the city. The headquarters of the East India Company known as the Writer's Building is located on the north side of the square. The church in the centre of this view is most likely the Swedish Mission Church built in 1770. (BH/TD/3)

Image 8

View of Tank Square, Old Fort William, Old Court House and Writer's Building, Calcutta, 1786

Date: 1786

This view is taken from the north side of Tank Square and looks towards the old Fort. The Old Court House is shown on the right. It has Ionic columns and an urn-topped balustrade. The Writer's Building is shown on the left. It was built as the headquarters of the East India Company by Thomas Lyon in 1777. In the distance, we can also see the monument erected by John Zephaniah Holwell to the memory of the survivors of the 'Black Hole' of 1756. The monument was later removed from this site. (BH/TD/2)

Image 9

View of Old Fort Ghat, Old Fort William and Customs House, Calcutta, 1787

Date: 1787

This is the view of the Old Fort Ghat adjoining old Fort William in Calcutta. After the construction of the new Fort William, the old Fort buildings were repaired and used as a Customs House from 1766. Both goods and passengers were unloaded from ships at the landing-stage shown here. The ghat was also a popular bathing place for the people of Calcutta. (BH/TD/6)

Image 10

View of Chandpal Ghaut and Supreme Court Building, Calcutta 1787

 Date: 1787

This is a view of the new Court House and Chandpal Ghaut in Calcutta. Chandpal Ghat is situated on the River Hooghly at Esplanade Row and was once the official landing stage for important visitors to Calcutta. The Supreme Court building, with its long colonnaded verandah, was opened in 1782. The orientalist Sir William Jones was judge here from 1783 until his death in 1794. (BH/TD/5)

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